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Your immunization schedule

On-time immunization matters!

Vaccines work best when they're given at the right time.

Two easy steps to obtain the Provincial/Territorial Immunization Schedule for school-age children in Grades 1 through 12 (or Grades 1 to Secondary V in Quebec).

  • Select your province/territory
  • Enter your child’s current Grade/year.

Immunization Schedule Tool

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

Immunization Schedule Tool

Other ways to find your immunization schedule

  • For an immunization schedule for children less than 6 years of age, use the Infant/Child Immunization Schedule tool.
  • Contact your doctor or local public health office (CLSC in Quebec).
  • Use the links to your provincial or territorial immunization information


Please note:

  • Although this tool is regularly updated (every 3 months), please contact individual provinces and territories directly for the most recent information as immunization schedules change regularly.
  • Your doctor or public health office is always your best source for information about immunizing your child.
  • If you've missed one or more of your child's vaccines, book an appointment with your doctor or public health office (CLSC in Quebec) as soon as possible. They can help you determine what vaccines your child has already had and which ones are needed.