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Laboratory Biosafety and Biosecurity

The Human Pathogens and Toxins Regulations (HPTR) are now published in the Canada GazetteExternal Link, Part II. On December 1, 2015 the Regulations will come into force, along with the remaining sections of the Human Pathogens and Toxins Act (HPTA).

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  • Canadian Biosafety Standards and GuidelinesExternal Link

    Standards and guidelines used by laboratory researchers and workers in facilities possessing, handling, storing or using pathogens and toxins.

  • Pathogen Safety Data Sheets

    Technical documents providing detailed descriptions of the hazardous properties of specific human pathogens or toxins and recommendations for work practices involving these agents.

  • Import Permits

    Information, application process and forms related to the importation of human and terrestrial animal pathogens, including service standards.

  • Training

    Learning materials to support regulated parties including e-learning courses on the principles and practices of biosafety and biosecurity.

  • Compliance: Registration, Permits, Inspection and Enforcement

    Information on compliance monitoring and verification under the HPIR, HPTA and HAA/HAR.

  • Advisories, Notifications and Directives

    Advisories, Notifications and Directives related to containment requirements for a specific pathogen or group of pathogens.

  • About Us

    Information on the Centre for Biosecurity.

  • Engagement Opportunities

    Information on consultations and engagement opportunities with Centre for Biosecurity representatives.

  • Exposure Reporting Program

    Information on the Exposure Reporting Program.

  • Regulatory Affairs

    Provides a brief description of acts and regulations managed by the Centre for Biosecurity on behalf of the Public Health Agency of Canada.