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National Projects Fund Directory

This section contains resources created for Community Action Program for Children (CAPC) and Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program (CPNP)) staff. The resources can also help other individuals who work with families to support healthy child development.

Collection of resources 2004-2008

In support of PHAC’s mandate and CAPC and CPNP programs, the NPF developed the following showcase to introduce the resources related to maternal and child health developed between 2004-2008.


Connections for Life

Resource Kit This Resource Kit provides users with information on what attachment is, why it is important, what influences it, and what can be done to help promote healthy, secure attachment. To order or download material, please visit the website at: Saskatchewan Prevention InstituteExternal link


Breastfeeding Resources Catalogue

This catalogue contains more than 600 resources, classified under 17 topics as by media type. The catalogue is presented on a CD and is also available on-line at the B.C. Association of Pregnancy Outreach Programs website at BC Association of Pregnancy Outreach Programs (BCAPOP)External link

Family Violence

Father Involvement

My Daddy Matters Because...

The Father Tool Kit includes many options and opportunities for CAPC/CPNP projects to become more father-friendly and to begin the dialogue within one’s own project or organization vis-à-vis father involvement. The tools can be used independently or in conjunction with the toolkit. The toolkit can be downloaded at My Daddy Matters Because...External link

Food Security

Thought About Food?External link

This well-tested workbook and DVD can help open discussion about food security and develop strategies to address it at the local, regional and national level and help people become more aware of food security issues and how to move forward on them. These resources are available at Thought About FoodExternal link

Healthy Child Development

Family Front and Centre: A Support Resource Promoting Healthy Child Development

This tool kit provides relevant theoretical and practical information on children’s mental health.  The resource tool kit includes five spiral bound books in French and English.
  1. User Guide
  2. Book 1 – Attachment
  3. Book 2 – Attention
  4. Book 3 – Anxiety
  5. Book 4 – Aggression
  6. Book 5 - Self Esteem


Parenting for a Literate Community Training Manual

A training package to provide training to CAPC project staff to enhance their ability to strengthen the literacy development of pre-school children and their parents. Hard copies of the printed materials can be obtained by contacting the University of New Bunswick at
(506) 453-5024
Address: Early Childhood Centre, Bag Service Number 45333,
Fredericton, NB, E3B 6E3.
For updates on these materials, please visit: Parenting for a Literate CommunityExternal link

Language, Literacy and Healthy DevelopmentExternal link

This resource provides an annotated inventory of literacy programs and practices currently in use by, and available to CAPC/CPNP projects. The resource provides information vital for managers and practitioners seeking to make informed choices regarding the delivery and development of literacy programs that are effective and responsive to the socially and culturally diverse populations the projects serve.

National Think Tank

The Rural Think Tank
This report presents a summary of research findings addressing issues arising from living in rural and remote communities. It contains information about the context (benefits, challenges, myths, sense of community); the benefits and improvements derived from CAPC and CPNP projects; and the lessons learned from the Think Tank.


Making Choices - Parenting Program InventoryExternal link

This web-based tool is designed to be a single source of information about a range of parenting programs available for use in Canada. It contains detailed information about more than 80 parenting programs and provides details such as program objectives, target audiences, costs, training options, and contact information.
Parents MatterExternal link

Teen Pregnancy

On the Move - Mobilizing Community and Engaging Youth to Reduce Rates of Teen Pregnancy in Canada
On the Move is a resource to help CAPC/CPNP staff work at the community level to mobilize action, engage youth, recruit new partners, revitalize activity with current partners, and work collaboratively to reduce rates of teen pregnancy.


Valuing VolunteersValuing Volunteers - A Volunteer Recruitment & Management Tool Kit for CAPC and CPNP Projects

The Tool Kit can be used as a primer for those considering the use of volunteers or a refresher for the seasoned veteran. It can provide a framework for developing new volunteer programs or great ideas for rejuvenating existing ones. It includes tools and templates for the most common volunteer management tasks and queries.