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Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention in Canada: Research, Policy and Practice

Volume 36 · Number 11 · November 2016

Inside this issue

  1. Longitudinal associations of parental and peer influences with physical activity during adolescence: findings from the COMPASS study
    E. Y. Lau, G. Faulkner, W. Qian, S. T. Leatherdale
  2. Suicide and self-inflicted injury hospitalizations in Canada (1979 to 2014/15)
    R. Skinner, S. McFaull, J. Draca, M. Frechette, J. Kaur, C. Pearson, W. Thompson
  3. Is child sexual abuse declining in Canada? Results from nationally representative retrospective surveys
    M. Shields, L. Tonmyr, W. Hovdestad
  4. Status report – Public Health 2016: time for a cultural shift in the field of public health
    E. R. M. Mallach, T. Ferrao, R. MacLean, S. F. L. Kirk
  5. CSEB Student Conference 2016 abstract contest winners
  6. Call for papers: The food environment in Canada (extended)
  7. Other PHAC publications