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Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention in Canada: Research, Policy and Practice

Volume 37 · Number 6 · June 2017

Inside this issue

  1. Neighbourhood built environment characteristics associated with different types of physical activity in Canadian adults
    Gavin R. McCormack
  2. Cancer risk factors and screening in First Nations in Ontario
    Maegan V. Mazereeuw, Alexander Yurkiewich, Sehar Jamal, Caroline Cawley, Carmen R. Jones, Loraine D. Marrett
  3. Estimating how extra calories from alcohol consumption are likely an overlooked contributor to youth obesity
    Kate Battista, Scott T. Leatherdale
  4. Letter to the Editor - The professionalization of health promotion in Canada: a student perspective
    Stefanie Machado
  5. Release notice - Health Behaviour Data Challenge
  6. Other PHAC publications