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Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention in Canada: Research, Policy and Practice

Volume 36 · Number 6 · June 2016

Inside this issue

  1. Strengthening the evidence and action on multi-sectoral partnerships in public health: an action research initiative
    C. D. Willis, J. K. Greene, A. Abramowicz, B. L. Riley
  2. Status report - The Canadian Hospitals Injury Reporting and Prevention Program: a dynamic and innovative injury surveillance system
    J. Crain, S. McFaull, W. Thompson, R. Skinner, M. T. Do, M. Fréchette, S. Mukhi
  3. Report summary - The Direct Economic Burden of Socioeconomic Health Inequalities in Canada: An Analysis of Health Care Costs by Income Level
    Social Determinants and Science Integration Directorate, Public Health Agency of Canada
  4. Other PHAC publications