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Chronic Diseases and Injuries in Canada

Volume 31, no. 4, September 2011

In this issue

  1. Screen-based sedentary behaviours among a nationally representative sample of youth: are Canadian kids couch potatoes?
    S. T. Leatherdale, R. Ahmed

  2. Priority issues in occupational cancer research: Ontario stakeholder perspectives
    K. Hohenadel, E. Pichora, L. Marrett, D. Bukvic, J. Brown, S. A. Harris, P. A. Demers, A. Blair

  3. A review of screening mammography participation and utilization in Canada
    G. P. Doyle, D. Major, C. Chu, A. Stankiewicz, M. L. Harrison, L. Pogany, V. M. Mai, J. Onysko

  4. The prevalence of chronic pain and pain-related interference in the Canadian population from 1994 to 2008
    M. L. Reitsma, J. E. Tranmer, D. M. Buchanan, E. G. Vandenkerkhof

  5. Can we use medical examiners’ records for suicide surveillance and prevention research in Nova Scotia?
    L. A. Campbell, L. Jackson, R. Bassett, M. J. Bowes, M. Donahue, J. Cartwright, S. Kisely

  6. Online resources to enhance decision-making in public health – Cross-Canada Forum
    D. Finkle-Perazzo, N. Jetha

  7. International roundtable on the self-management support of chronic conditions – Workshop report
    S. L. Mills, E. Vanden

  8. Concepts of Epidemiology: Integrating the Ideas, Theories, Principles and Methods of Epidemiology – Book review
    N.-T. Dinh

  9. Conferences