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Chronic Diseases in Canada

Volume 31, no. 2, March 2011

In this issue

  1. A profile of older community-dwelling home care clients with heart failure in Ontario
    A. D. Foebel, J. P. Hirdes, G. A. Heckman, S. L. Tyas, E. Y. Tjam
  2. The effectiveness of implementing a reminder system into routine clinical practice: does it increase postpartum screening in women with gestational diabetes?
    A. K. Shea, B. R. Shah, H. D. Clark, J. Malcolm, M. Walker, A. Karovitch, E. J. Keely
  3. The development of community health indicators: a district-wide approach
    M. W. Russell, L. A. Campbell, S. Kisely, D. Persaud
  4. Projection of future cancer incidence and new cancer cases in Manitoba, 2006–2025
    J. Nowatzki, B. Moller, A. Demers
  5. Dietary sodium intake among Canadian adults with and without hypertension
    Y. Shi, M. de Groh, H. Morrison, C. Robinson, L. Vardy
  6. CSEB Student Conference 2010 abstract winners
  7. Symposium report: The role of science journals in Population Health Intervention Research
    M. Tracy, S. Viehbeck, E. Cohen