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Chronic Diseases in Canada

Volume 31, no. 1, December 2010

In this issue

Aboriginal health articles jointly published with Preventing Chronic Disease This link will take you to another web site (external link)

  1. Introduction – Chronic Diseases in Canada and Preventing Chronic Disease: copublishing on health in Aboriginal populations
    H. Morrison, S. F. Posner

  2. Chronic diseases and mortality in Canadian Aboriginal peoples: learning from the knowledge
    M. King, Scientific Director, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Institute of Aboriginal Peoples' Health

  3. Mortality of urban Aboriginal adults in Canada,

    M. Tjepkema, R. Wilkins, S. Senécal, É. Guimond, C. Penney

  4. Arthritis in the Canadian Aboriginal population: north-south differences in prevalence and correlates
    C. Ng, S. Chatwood, T. K. Young

  5. Obesity and obesity-related comorbidities in a Canadian First Nation population
    S. G. Bruce, N. D. Riediger, J. M. Zacharias, T. K. Young

  6. Cardiovascular risk according to plasma apolipoprotein and lipid profiles in a Canadian First Nation
    N. D. Riediger, S. G. Bruce, T. K. Young

  7. The role of public health in addressing child maltreatment in Canada
    S. M. Jack

  8. Executive Summary – Performance monitoring for cervical cancer screening programs in Canada
    Screening Performance Indicators Working Group, Cervical Cancer Prevention and Control Network

  9. Executive Summary – Report from the Canadian Chronic Disease Surveillance System: Hypertension in Canada, 2010
    S. Dai, C. Robitaille, C. Bancej, L. Loukine, C. Waters, O. Baclic

  10. What Chronic Disease Infobase Data Cubes can do for you