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ccdr canada communicable disease report

CCDR: Volume 42-S2, March 17, 2016: Syrian refugees

For readers interested in the PDF version, the document is available for download or viewing: CCDR: Volume 42-S2, March 17, 2016: Syrian refugees (PDF document - 897 KB - 17 pages)

Inside this issue: Syrian refugees


Syria: Land of history, civilizations and war
Mazigh M

Health considerations in the Syrian refugee resettlement process in Canada
Hansen L, Huston P

Rapid Communication

Early observations on the health of Syrian refugees in Canada
Hansen L, Maidment L, Ahmad R


My experience as a Quarantine Officer welcoming Syrian refugees
D'Amour R

ID News

Adult asylum seekers from the Middle East including Syria in Central Europe: What are their health care problems?

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