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Canada Communicable Disease Report CCDR

ISSN 1481-8531 (On-line)

CCDR: Volume 40-12, June 12, 2014

For readers interested in the PDF version, the document is available for download or viewing: CCDR: Volume 40-12, June 12, 2014 (PDF document - 1.43 MB - 47 pages)

Inside this issue: Measles in Canada

In 2002 the Americas gained elimination status for measles, yet over 10 years later we continue to have imported cases and limited outbreaks. Read this issue to find out what's happened with measles in Canada, why we haven't lost our elimination status despite the outbreaks, why we have outbreaks and how we have dealt with them, the detective role that genotyping plays, and what it will take to maintain our elimination status.


Measles surveillance in Canada: Trends for 2013
Shane A, Hiebert J, Sherrard L and Deehan H

Rapid communication

Measles activity in Canada: January – June 2014
Deehan H and Shane A

Surveillance and outbreak reports

Measles-containing vaccination rates in southern Alberta
Matkin A, Simmonds K and Suttorp V

Outbreak of measles in a non-immunizing population, Alberta 2013
Kershaw T, Suttorp V, Simmonds K and St. Jean T

A community outbreak of travel-acquired measles, Ontario 2009
Armstrong J, Arajs A, Bailey N and Wang HL


Measles molecular epidemiology: What does it tell us and why is it important?
Hiebert J and Severini A

Invited editorial

The challenges of sustaining measles elimination in Canada
Crowcroft NS

Useful links

Guidelines for the prevention and control of measles outbreaks in Canada.
Measles and Rubella Elimination Working Group. CCDR 2013:39: ACS-3.

Clinical Update: A comparison of adult and pediatric measles patients admitted to emergency departments during the 2008-2011 outbreak in the Midi-Pyrénées region of FranceExternal Link.
Casasoprana A, Honorat R, Grouteau E, Marchou B, Claudet I. Jpn J Infect DisExternal Link. 2014;67(2):71-7.

Public Health Agency of Canada: Measles webpage

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