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Report from the National Diabetes Surveillance System: Diabetes in Canada, 2009

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Mortality RatesFootnote 1

  • Overall mortality rates were twice as high for individuals with diabetes compared to individuals without diabetes.
  • The differences in mortality rates for people with and without diabetes were higher for the younger age groups. The mortality rates were 4 to 6 times higher than those without diabetes for adults aged 20 to 44. While for adults aged 45 to 79, the rates were 2 to 3 times higher for individuals with diabetes (Figure 9).
  • Diabetes significantly shortens life expectancy for all ages. For, the 20 to 39 year age groups, women with diagnosed diabetes had, on average, about a 9-year reduction in life expectancy, while men had about an 8-year reduction (Figure 10).
  • Both girls and boys with diagnosed diabetes in the 1 to 19 year age groups had about a 10-year reduction in life expectancy (Figure 10). This is likely an underestimation, as studies in the United States showed that having type 1 diabetes reduced the life expectancy by about 15 years.Footnote 2

Figure 9. All-Cause Death Rates and Ratios among Canadians Aged 20 Years and Older with Diagnosed Diabetes Compared to those that aren't

Figure 9 - Text Equivalent

Figure 10. Years of Life Remaining for Canadians with Diagnosed Diabetes Compared to Those without Diagnosed Diabetes, by Age Group and Sex

Figure 10 - Text Equivalent

Footnote 1
Data from Quebec were unavailable.
Footnote 2
Panzram G: Epidemiologic data on excess mortality and life expectancy in insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus-critical review. Exp Clin Endocrinol 83:93-100, 1984.

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