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Re-Certification of Containment Level 3 Facilities

As part of the re-certification process, the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) will verify that the Containment Level 3 (CL3) facility continues to comply with the current edition of the Canadian Biosafety Standards and GuidelinesExternal Link.

The re-certification of certain containment components needs to be performed on a yearly basis. Generally, the verification of directional airflow, the detection of any visual leaks in the room perimeter, the recalibration of sensitive controllers and gauges, as well as the monitoring of the efficacy of sterilization systems can all be performed without too much disruption to the operation of the CL3 facility. On another hand, the verification of Biological Safety Cabinets, backflow preventers, HEPA filters and control systems, will require a little more planning as it may entail a full decontamination and requires the assistance of certified professionals.

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