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Engagement Opportunities

The Public Health Agency of Canada (the Agency) is committed to engaging with the public and stakeholders in all aspects of its work. It collaborates with federal partners, provincial and territorial governments, and other interested parties in developing specific regulatory and program requirements, while remaining flexible in responding to changing circumstances and new ideas. This is achieved through multiple mechanisms including, bilateral meetings, participation in conferences, regulatory and other consultations, strategic engagement with various sectors and associations, targeted stakeholder communications, providing opportunities for feedback and a commitment to maintain a proactive web presence.

The Agency adheres to the following principles in undertaking its engagement activities:

  • Meaningfulness – Full and fair opportunities will be provided for input and feedback; all interested parties’ views and opinions will be considered.
  • Openness and Balance – There will be an appropriate balance of views represented in the development and implementation of programs and policies.
  • Transparency – The Agency will be transparent throughout the process and clear on how interested parties’ input will be used.
  • Accountability – The views of all interested parties will be documented, the Agency will report back as appropriate.

Current Engagement Opportunities

  • Updated version of the Canadian Biosafety Standard has been drafted in coordination with the Human Pathogens and Toxins Act (HPTA) framework. It is currently available for public commentExternal Site until September 4th 2014.
  • Stakeholders and interested parties have the opportunity to review, and provide comments on the proposed Human Pathogens and Toxins Regulations (HPTR) in the Canada GazetteExternal Site Part I until September 4th 2014.