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Immunization Schedules

Recommendations from the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI)

Few measures in preventive medicine are of such proven value and as easy to implement as routine immunization against infectious diseases. Immunization carried out as recommended in the following schedules will provide good basic protection for most children against the diseases shown.

Following a standard schedule ensures that the maximal achievable protection is achieved. However, modifications of the recommended schedule may be necessary because of missed appointments or inter-current illness. Interruption of a recommended series does not require starting the series over again, regardless of the interval elapsed. Children, youth and adults with interruptions to their vaccines should be vaccinated to complete the appropriate schedule for their current age.

Similar vaccines are now available from different manufacturers but may not be identical. It is therefore essential for the user to read the appropriate chapter in the most current Canadian Immunization Guide, as well as the manufacturer's package insert.

Please consult the Canadian Immunization Guide for more information about immunization guidelines for:

Publicly-funded immunization schedules may vary from province or territory. Individuals are encouraged to talk to their paediatrician, family physician, public health nurse or local health unit about recommended immunizations.

Parents can find their child's routine immunization schedule using the following interactive immunization schedule tools: