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Safe Sleep Posters

Poster - Safe sleep key messagesSafe sleep key messages (PDF document - 332 KB - 1 page)

A Baby’s Safe Sleep Environment Handout and Door Hanger

  1. Always place baby on back for naps and at night.
  2. No smoking around baby.
  3. Baby sleeps alone in crib.
  4. Crib empty of toys and loose bedding.
  5. Crib next to adult’s bed for first 6 months.
  6. Firm crib mattress, tight-fitting sheet.
  7. Crib meets Canadian safety regulations.
  8. Baby's face uncovered.
  9. Baby in light clothing, not too hot.
  10. Share this information with anyone who may care for your baby.

For additional information about SIDS and safe sleep, please contact us.

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