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Healthy Pregnancy

Your Healthy Pregnancy Calendar

How to use this calendar

In the fields below, select the date on which you conceived. When you click the Submit button, a ten-month calendar will be generated for you to view, with your week of conception marked as Week 3.Footnote *

The first month you will see is your current month, so you'll be able to see what week you are in at a glance. You can move forward and backwards through the calendar with the "Next" and "Previous" buttons at the top of each month. In addition, each month provides helpful notes in terms of development and taking care of your health during the pregnancy.

You can also print the Calendar (either the current visible month or the entire 10-month span) using the Print buttons at the bottom. This will let you keep track of doctor's appointments and other important dates.

Select your date of conception

Doctors start counting from the first day of your last menstrual period – before you are even pregnant – so Week 1 is the week in which the first day of your last period occurred.