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Quarantine and Migration Health Program

Mandate: The Quarantine and Migration Health Program (QMHP) implements the Canadian Quarantine Act and Regulations , and the World Health Organization's (WHO) International Health Regulations. QMHP helps protect Canadians from the importation of dangerous and infectious diseases which might pose a threat to public health, through the international movements of persons, goods, and conveyances (air planes, trains, buses, automobiles, ships, boats, etc.)

To safeguard the health of Canadians, QMHP coordinates Canada's response to outbreaks of international disease. QMHP can implement contingency plans and other emergency measures developed with public and private sector partners.

QMHP provides information and advice to:

  • public health authorities in Canada (provincial/territorial, municipal, city)
  • other Federal Government Departments and Agencies (Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Transport Canada, etc.)
  • international health authorities (WHO, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Pan American Health Organization, etc.)
  • Canadian health professionals
  • members of the public

QMHP also provides Border Health Security Training for other Federal Government Departments.