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CBRN Resource Links

Table of Content

  1. Canadian Emergency Management Agencies/Organizations
  2. US Emergency Management Agencies/Organizations
  3. International & National Health Organizations related to CBRN
  4. Web Resource Centres /Librairies /Networks /Portals /Databases
  5. Journals/Magazines/ Periodicals/ Newsletters & Publications
  6. Universities/Schools of Public Health & Others
  7. Governments
  8. CBRN Quick References
  9. Guidelines/ Regulations / Contingency Plans/ Procedures/ Protocols/
  10. Guides/ Fact Sheets/ Handbooks/ Listings/ Booklets/ Documents
  11. Upcoming Events of Interest

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Guides/ Fact Sheets/ Handbooks/ Listings/ Booklets/ Documents

Agriculture, Animals and Plants


BioTerrorism Articles

CBRN Agents Information

CBRN Detection


Detection Equipment

Disaster Preparedness for all

Disease Fact Sheets

Drug Preparedness & Response

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Response


Field Operations


Hazardous Materials

Hospitals & Health Facilities

Incident Handbook

Incident Command System

Information Management & Risk Communication



Legal & Law Enforcement Issues

Lessons Learned

Material Safety Data sheets

Medical Management & Treatment Guidelines for CBRN

Mental Health / Trauma & Stress



Protective Equipment

Public Health Response

Safeguards of Buildings


Special Needs

Surveillance / Early-Warning Systems

Suspicious Packages


Triage and WMD


Water Issues

Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Handbook

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