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Cardiovascular Disease - Economic Burden of Illness

Costs due to diseaseFootnote * for the leading 20 diagnostic categories, by directFootnote , and indirect costsFootnote , Canada, 2000

Figure. Costs due to disease for the leading 20 diagnostic categories, by direct, and indirect costs, Canada, 2000

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Notes: Not all diagnostic categories include short-term disability costs. The six diagnostic categories that include short-term disability costs are cardiovascular diseases (CVD), musculoskeletal diseases, neuropsychiatric conditions, digestive diseases, respiratory diseases and respiratory infections. Costs by diagnostic category include an unattributable amount of $6.4 billion for direct costs and $1.9 billion for indirect costs (short-term disability only).Costs by diagnostic category related to suppressed cells for long-term disability are excluded from the total indirect costs.

Source: Public Health Agency of Canada, using data from the Economic Burden of Illness in Canada 2000.

  • * Based on the total cost of illness of $147.9 billion. Expenditures for care in other institutions and additional direct health expenditures are not included.
  • Direct costs include hospitals, drugs and physician.
  • Indirect costs include mortality, long-term disability and short-term disability.