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Innovation Strategy Projects in Newfoundland and Labrador

Engaging Communities: Achieving Healthier Weights through Community Food Security in Remote Inuit Populations


Food Security Network of Newfoundland and Labrador inc.




In 2009, the Food Security Network (FSN) completed a community-led food assessment project in the community of Hopedale, resulting in a NiKigijavut Hopedalimi Community Food Security Action Plan. This project allowed the FSN to gain the knowledge, expertise and skills to work with these isolated, northern and Inuit communities. Through this project, the FSN will apply the learnings from the Hopedale project to develop and refine a Community-led Food Assessment Model for engaging other rural, remote, northern and underserved communities and regions so they can create healthier conditions for promoting healthier weights by addressing access to nutritious food.

The project will take place in five Inuit communities including Rigolet, Makkovik, Postville, Hopedale and Nain, located along the North Coast of Labrador.