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Council of Atlantic Health and Social Services Emergency Managers

The Council of Atlantic Health and Social Services Emergency Managers (CAHSSEM) was created in 2010 by PHAC Atlantic's Emergency Preparedness and Response Team and is the only council of its kind in Canada.

CAHSSEM's membership includes the provincial Health Emergency Manager and the Emergency Social Services Manager from each Atlantic province, Health Canada's Provincial Coordinators, PHAC's Policy, Planning and Intergovernmental Affairs Manager, colleagues from Health Canada's First Nations and Inuit Health Branch, and PHAC's Emergency Preparedness and Response Team.

The objectives of CAHSSEM are to:

  • Provide advice on best practices for health emergency and emergency social services management
  • Promote consistency and common approaches within Atlantic Canada
  • Collaborate on inter-jurisdictional emergency management issues
  • Coordinate the preparation, mitigation, response and recovery for emergencies in the region

CAHSSEM meets quarterly via teleconference and holds one face-to-face meeting per year. Additional meetings may be held in the event of an emergency situation. The main topics of discussion are current or potential emergency threats, all-hazards risk assessments, training and exercises, mass gatherings and special projects.