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HIV/AIDS Epi Updates - July 2010

HIV/AIDS Epi Updates - July 2010 (PDF Document - 435 KB – 11 page)

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Information to the readers of HIV/AIDS Epi Updates

The Surveillance and Risk Assessment Division of the Centre for Communicable Diseases and Infection Control, Public Health Agency of Canada, is pleased to provide you with the July 2010 edition of HIV/AIDS Epi Updates.

The Centre conducts national surveillance and research on the epidemiology of HIV/AIDS and other blood-borne and sexually transmitted infections. As part of this mandate, HIV/AIDS Epi Updates are produced to summarize recent trends and developments related to the HIV situation in Canada.

Note that previous editions of HIV/AIDS Epi Updates were published in a single bound volume. Starting with this 2010 edition, the HIV/AIDS Epi Updates will be published in a booklet format so that each individual Epi Updates can be revised and updated separately as new data become available. Each Epi Updates will have a date noted on the first page to indicate when it was most recently revised.

All Epi Updates are available at the address noted above and also at our website: The HIV/AIDS Epi Updates are complementary to other Centre materials which are also available at the website.


Chris Archibald

Chris Archibald MDCM, MHSc, FRCPC



National level HIV and AIDS surveillance is possible as a result of all provinces and territories participating in, and setting directions for, HIV and AIDS surveillance. Accordingly, the Centre for Communicable Diseases and Infection Control acknowledges the provincial/territorial HIV/AIDS coordinators, public health units, laboratories, health care providers and reporting physicians for providing the non nominal confidential data that enable this report to be published. Without their close collaboration and participation in HIV and AIDS surveillance, the publication of this report would not have been possible. We are also thankful to the researchers across Canada who share their research findings with us in a timely manner for inclusion in the HIV/AIDS Epi Updates.

We also thank Web Site and Intranet Operations, Public Health Agency of Canada, for their contribution in helping us host the report on the Internet.

And finally, we would also like to thank the contributions made by Marion Pogson in editing the report.

N.B. This document must be cited as the source for any information extracted and used from it.

Suggested citation: Public Health Agency of Canada. HIV/AIDS Epi Updates, July 2010, Surveillance and Risk Assessment Division, Centre for Communicable Diseases and Infection Control, Public Health Agency of Canada, 2010.

Centre for Communicable Diseases and Infection Control

Surveillance and Risk Assessment Division

Tel.: (613) 954-5169
Fax: (613) 957-2842

Division personnel who contributed to the production of the 2010 Epi Updates are noted below:

Chris Archibald
Executive Assistant
Louise Chevrier
Senior Advisor
Nick Giannakoulis
Administrative Assistant
Jason Nelson

HIV/AIDS Surveillance Section

Jessica Halverson
Senior Epidemiologist
Qiuying Yang
A/Senior Surveillance Analyst
Kristina Lalonde
A/Research Analyst
Steven Johnston
Surveillance Officer
Chris Houston
Surveillance Officer
Christine Marshall

HIV/AIDS Epidemiology Section

Susanna Ogunnaike-Cooke
Senior Epidemiologist
Marissa McGuire
Senior Epidemiologist
Jill Tarasuk
Senior Epidemiologist
Mubeen Aslam
Ettienne Kouadjo
Research Analyst
Shauna Martin
Surveillance Officer
Farrah Ali
Surveillance Officer
Chantal Nelson
Surveillance Officer
Elizabeth Venditti
Surveillance Analyst
Stephen Cule
Susan Shurgold
Faye M. Jones

HIV Drug Resistance and Field Surveillance Section

Jessica Halverson (as of March 2010)
Jocelyne Galloway (up to February 2010)
Field Surveillance Coordinator
Ulrick Auguste
Field Surveillance Officer, NS
Angela Mask
Field Surveillance Officer, MB
Tracey Russnak-Redden
Field Surveillance Officer, SK
Germain Bukassa Kazadi
Field Surveillance Officer, AB
Sabrina Plitt
Field Surveillance Officer. BC
Elsie Wong
Surveillance Analyst
Mark Vanderkloot

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