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ARCHIVED - Interim Evaluation of the National Immunization Strategy

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Management Response and Action Plan

Management Response and Action Plan - National Immunization Strategy Interim Evaluation May 22, 2008
  Evaluation Recommendations Management Response Management Action Plan Deliverables Expected Completion Date Responsibility Accountability
1 Prioritize and implement NIS performance measurement framework (PMF) AGREE Priorities identified in the interim evaluation will be used to develop a monitoring system that builds upon the NIS Performance Management Framework. 1) The performance measurement framework developed for the evaluation will be operationalized into a monitoring system to routinely assess the performance of selected indicators over time and establish baselines 1) Performance monitoring plan 1) Aug 08 Evaluation Officer Program Monitoring and Evaluation Unit (PM&E Unit)
2) Reporting format and schedule will be established 2) CIC approval 2) Nov 08 PM&E Unit CIC
3) Quantitative data will be incorporated into the performance measurement framework 3) Performance monitoring plan & routine reports 3) March 09 Eval Officer PM&E Unit
1a Incorporate measurable data in subsequent evaluations i.e. surveillance, coverage and cost data from P/Ts in the performance management system AGREE WITH CONDITIONS A cost analysis is dependant on availability of data. P/Ts are not willing/able to disclose program costs and are inhibited from sharing info on the purchase price of vaccines due to contractual obligations 1) Consult with the stakeholders to attempt to resolve issues inhibiting the collection of financial data and discuss options 1) Recommendation from CIC to include cost related indicators or options. 1) 2008/2009 CIRID CIC
2) The summative evaluation will focus on the intermediate outcomes which are more quantifiable i.e. surveillance and coverage data 2) See Evaluation Framework [This info is included in the PMF] Indicators for Success 2) 2011 CIRID CIC
1b Use an external FPT group to provide insight and assessment of the NIS AGREE A task group of CIC will be assigned to oversee the subsequent summative evaluation Task group ToR 2011 PM&E Unit CIC
2 Enhance thecommunication between CIC and NACI AGREE
1) The introduction of the new HPV vaccine was used as an opportunity to test the analytic framework and define a collaborative working relationship between NACI and CIC
1a) Joint task group was formed to assess the best programmatic recommendations for the introduction of the new HPV vaccine 1a) Coordinated statements published 1a) NACI Feb 07 CIC June 2008 Immunization Program Section CIC & NACI Secretartiate
1b) The collaboration between the two committees will be evaluated and lessons learned will be applied to improve collaboration in the future 1b) Evaluation summary shared with both committees 1b) April 2008 Immunization Program Section  
2) Review the governance of CIC and NACI 2) The roles of CIC and NACI will be reviewed by CIRID as part of a Centre-wide restructuring 2) Revised CIC and NACI ToRs 2) 2008/2009 CIRID PHN
3 Increase the interaction between NIS working groups AGREE Communication between working groups is a key area to be addressed in order to prevent duplication of work and to promote collaborative relationships 1) CIRID will develop a communication strategy to encourage a flow of information between working groups 1) Working groups will update each other on their activities annually through participation at annual meetingsand sharing of minutes of meetings and teleconferences 2008/2009 and Ongoing W/group co-chairs CIRID & CIC
2) CIC will facilitate working group collaboration and coordination. 2) CIC will request working group co-chairs to report on their efforts to improve communication to CIC
4 Increase the roles for NGOs on working groups DISAGREE NGOs are already key players in the implementation of the NIS. Currently, NGOs are members of various working groups and CIC invites NGOs to attend their meetings once a year. CIC and its w/groups have FPT representation, increased involvement of NGOs may impede communication between FPT reps. ] CIC will continue to share summaries of meetings, PHAC news releases and media lines, and seek NGO input on NIS issues as appropriate. Minutes, reports and media lines 2008/2009 and Ongoing CIC secretariate CIC
5 Allocate specific resources directly to working groupswhere NIS budgets permit AGREE Progress of priority activities would be improved in working groups if each had budgets with which they could commission studies, literature reviews, etc. Working groups will be provided with funding based on work plan/ budget requests. Budget lines will be included in FY2008-9 budget. FY 2008 W/ group co-chairs CIRID
6 Continue to develop and focus on a long term vision AGREE 1) Work with stakeholders to set research and evaluation priorities 1a) Disease specific research priorities w/shop for Flu & HPV

1b) Non voting member of the HPV Evaluation & Research Committee
1) Completed Nov 2005/6

1b) Feb. 2008
Research Coord

Research Coord





2) Investigate possible funding mechanisms to support a coordinated research/ evaluation program for new and existing vaccines 2) Funding mechanism defined as part of the renewal of NIS 2) 2011 CIC/PHAC PHN
3) CIRID/PHAC will host an international forum on immunization funding models assess and recommend a best practice model for continued federal funding of immunization programs in Canada. 3) The findings of the forum will be presented in a report that includes a summary of best practices of relevance to Canada

(An initial review was prepared in June 07)
3) 2008/2009 CIRID-Policy Section CIC
4) A comprehensive international review of immunization funding models and consultations with international contacts and P/Ts will be conducted 4a) A literature review of funding models

4b)Analysis report from contractor

4a) 2009

4b) 2009

5) Contractor hired to perform an in-depth analysis of a selected funding models (possible RFP & contract) 5) Potential funding options and a recommended funding model for immunization programs in Canada will be presented to CIC and PHN. 5) 2010    

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